Raid is a challenging 2D shooter game, which involves building the strongest team to destroy your enemies.

Journey through space as a unique character, raiding to collect the items you need to craft powerful weapons, gadgets and skins. Team up with friends or strangers to strengthen your chances as you battle unknown enemies, strange bots and powerful bosses, unlocking new ways to customize your character.

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Features include:

  • Nine character classes, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses, weapons and gadgets. Adjust your character for your preferred game style
  • Four unique battle modes, each with different settings and goals: Crystal Collection, Point Control, Capture the Flag,and Sphere Control.
  • Craftable equipment. Collect items from raid boxes to craft different weapons, gadgets and skins, each of which has their own bonuses, uses, pros and cons.
  • Build over 45 weapons, 80+ gadgets and 60+ skins, and customize your character in ways that can directly affect your tactics and completely change your game style.
  • Rankings. Get to the top of the rankings lists as an individual and as a team!ъ
  • Quests. Find even more hidden adventures by completing quests between battles.
  • Much more yet to come in regular updates!

Can you build the strongest raid team and destroy your enemies together?

The time is here!